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She’s intuitive. She knows what they are thinking and feeling. She sees colors and images in people’s hearts. She talks to an angel. She’s Kate, a precocious 6-year old.  Can she survive the earthly dangers of her uncanny abilities?


Born gifted with a rare seventh sense—the ability to read human hearts coupled with keen intuition— protagonist Kate Kindrick struggles to understand her capabilities. She is often bewildered by her unique perceptions combined with seeing symbols and panoplies of color in people’s hearts.

Kate’s parents fear that their young daughter suffers from delusional psychosis. Their concerns are intensified by her claims that she has conversations with an angel. Only her grandmother, who is gravely ill, and her uncle, a famous writer, encourage Kate to develop her gifts.

Yet it’s her naiveté of the intuitive signs that augur trouble. When she doesn’t heed an inner warning, her world spins into a dangerous spiral that spells hazard for her and those she loves. Her antics land her cherished uncle in the hospital. His life hangs in the balance.

Just when she believes things couldn’t get worse, her life cascades down a doubly treacherous path. She is forced to spend extended time with her teenage cousin, Marilla Marzy, and the girl’s sinister father—Vaynem Moxsin. Tormented by both of them, she prays for rescue. Shocking events transpire.

The Girl Who Could Read Hearts explores issues relevant to many of today’s societal woes: deteriorating family relationships, prejudice, abuse, eating disorders, and limiting belief systems. It delves into the mysteries of death and of angels, plus intuition, finding God in all, and true love.

Full of spirit, this poignant story brims with inspiration, daring, and hope.


Six Reasons Why You Will Enjoy The Book


— Mentally Provocative

Have you ever wondered what was going on in a child’s mind? Is it possible to know what others are thinking and feeling? Is there an afterlife?


— Real-life Experiences

Not just conjecture. Many of protagonist Kate’s mystical incidents are based on the Sherry Maysonave’s personal experiences.


— Unique Twists

A multidimensional plot developed within the complex dynamics of family life. Daring and inspiring while exploring intuition, angels, the afterlife, and social issues.


— Compelling Family Storylines

Spiritual, mystical, and experiential themes woven into a compelling family storyline. Metaphors, similes, and analogies bring life and light to these interconnections.


— Memorable Characters

Powerful characters — flawed, in the process of growing, and complex. Kate encounters the earthly dangers of her rare seventh sense in a labyrinthine setting.


— Adult & Teen Friendly

While encountering good and evil, Kate’s character magnifies those around her, elevates the spirit of hope and lays bare some of life’s greatest questions.


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